Well this blog blew me away… Sweet Breezie from Toggle for Music just did the most beautiful blog on Quartz. She made my heart smile with her appreciation for Q’s music & voice! Click here to read her blog on Quartz’s show at Licentious.

Thank you Toggle for Music, MichaelJ Rossini & Breezie for all your hard work and dedication toward keeping SLive Music alive an well in Second Life!!! ❤

Thank you Ezra, Morri & Sage for having Q over!!! For those of you who have never been to the Licentious sim before, do go! It’s simply gorgeous! Breezie mentioned in her blog that they might have some rentals opening soon, so go check the sim out.

MichaelJ Rossini & Quartz have known each other for a number of years because Michael has spent a huge amount of time & money organizing large charity events in SL, especially in regard to Feed A Smile. We are happy to see that Michael is back and still very much a part of the SLive Music community again. His latest endeavor is his amazing new blog site, Toggle For Music. Welcome back Michael!
Quartz was so flattered because Michael asked to interviewed Quartz as one of Toggle For Music‘s Featured Performers. Thank you Michael! You can check out the interview here.
And don’t forget to check out previous Featured Performers (scroll to the bottom on the page for the link) as well as their Blog, their Team, Favourite Venues, News, their Partners, Feed a Smile. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and/or contact them if you wish to be part of this blog.

The lovely Harlow (Harlow Davi) & MichaelJ Rossini have started a new website that features SLive music (singers & venues). Check it out here! The site is growing and will contain everything you want to know about SLive Music. If you are a singer or a venue owner/manager and would like more information, or to be featured on this site, click this link to contact Harlow or MichaelJ Rossini.

On January 8th, 2021, Harlow was at Licentious (Owner: ᴇzяᴀ ᴅᴡʏᴇя (andydwyer1). Booking Manager: Morri Ashbourne) and she wrote an awesome blog about Licentious and Quartz 🙂 You can check it out here. Thank you Harlow! And thank you Ezra & Morri for having Quartz over!

Harlow also did a blog on the dual Quartz & Max Kleene recently did at the “8th Canada Night” on January 13th, 2021. Canada Night is an amazing production organized by Barbie Arabello and it features only Canadian singers. This year’s show was held at Scarlet’s Red Rocks venue and the lineup included AM Quar, Max Kleene, Quartz, Shaye Dezno-Jonstone, Jeffah & Kris Composer. Thank you Barbie for always having Quartz over! You can check out Harlow’s blog on the Q’s & Max’s dual here. Thank you so much Harlow, your words are very kind! ❤

Sorry. I’m not very prolific on vid uploading. But here’s a little experiment I was mucking with. A song I’m working on. It was originally in 6/4 time but I thought I’d try it in 4/4. You can hear some of the slips and falls as I wander through it. Some lyrics I’m not quite happy with yet and some timing issues to work out, but, I think it’s almost ready for recording. Let me know what you think. Stay safe 🙂

Kultivate Magazine (owned & operated by Johannes Huntsman & Tempest Rosca-Huntsman) recently published their August 2020 issue. This popular arts magazine featured the live performers of Kultivate Music Management and they also featured Quartz as their Live Performer Spotlight. Thank you!

Kultivate Music Management is SL’s newest live music management group. They manage the amazing talents of Abby Jaidov, Inkaku Capalini, Jesie Janick, Jovan Buschbaum, Loreen Aldrin, Mavenn, Mimi Carpenter, Mista, Sophie Brumati, Stayaway Joe, Steph Sinatra, Suzen Juel and the spin stylings of DJ John. Welcome Kultivate Music Management! Thank you & Kultivate for keeping the amazing arts alive in SL!