Everything you need to know about the musician Quartz

MichaelJ Rossini & Quartz have known each other for a number of years because Michael has spent a huge amount of time & money organizing large charity events in SL, especially in regard to Feed A Smile. We are happy to see that Michael is back and still very much a part of the SLive Music community again. His latest endeavor is his amazing new blog site, Toggle For Music. Welcome back Michael!
Quartz was so flattered because Michael asked to interviewed Quartz as one of Toggle For Music‘s Featured Performers. Thank you Michael! You can check out the interview here.
And don’t forget to check out previous Featured Performers (scroll to the bottom on the page for the link) as well as their Blog, their Team, Favourite Venues, News, their Partners, Feed a Smile. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and/or contact them if you wish to be part of this blog.

Sorry. I’m not very prolific on vid uploading. But here’s a little experiment I was mucking with. A song I’m working on. It was originally in 6/4 time but I thought I’d try it in 4/4. You can hear some of the slips and falls as I wander through it. Some lyrics I’m not quite happy with yet and some timing issues to work out, but, I think it’s almost ready for recording. Let me know what you think. Stay safe 🙂