SLive Music Promo

Some links to help you find out who’s who (venues & musicians) in the Second Life Music (SLive Music) world. Thank you to all the sites and bloggers for doing this!

Droppin’ The Stream is a SLive Music blog brought to you by the lovely Harlow Davi. This site works hard to promote live music performers, live music venues and events in Second Life.

If you’re a performer or a venue owner and would like to be featured in Droppin’ The Stream, fill out their contact form here.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Droppin’ The Stream, please contact Harlow.

Toggle for Music

Toggle for Music is a brand new site brought to you by MichaelJ Rossini to promote SLive Music in Second Live. Toggle for Music is also a proud supporter of the Feed a Smile charity.
If you’re a SLive musician or SLive Music venue and would like to be featured in Toggle for Music, please fill out their online contact form here. You can also subscribe to their site here.

Linden Lab’s Music Mondays

Get to know your favourite musician through Music Mondays. This is Linden Lab’s dedicated blog to SLive Music.
Are you a SLive Musician and want to be featured in Music Mondays? Click here to fill out their online form.

Kultivate Magazine

Kultivate Magazine (owned & operated by Johannes Huntsman & Tempest Rosca-Huntsman) is a popular arts magazine for the visual and musical arts.

*If you would like your SLive Music promo site featured here, please send DupliCat an inworld IM. Thank you!